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A new vision for the 100th anniversary of the Republic “Century of Turkey”

As Turkey prepares to celebrate its centenary on 29 October 2023, it was already unveiled its “Century of Turkey” vision last year. Following his victory in the May runoff elections President Erdoğan reinvigorated the “Century of Turkey” vision, a comprehensive roadmap for the country, at his inauguration ceremony speech on 4 June.

Accordingly, this roadmap encompasses a series of programs, projects, and targets in several sectors, such as defense, health, education, transportation, energy, agriculture and tourism. The development of the country will be supported by enhancing these sectors’ infrastructure, capabilities and offerings.

The main focus of this vision is to maintain economic growth. By focusing on attracting investments, generating more employment, strengthening production, supporting exports and increasing account surplus, President Erdoğan aims to foster sustainable economic growth in Turkey. However, it is essential to note that achieving these goals requires a comprehensive and well-executed strategy, as well as addressing potential challenges such as inflation, fiscal discipline, and ensuring a favorable business environment for both domestic and foreign investors …

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