The Firm

We are a well-established player in the legal advice scenario, with specific knowledge of the industrial and financial sectors and of the Italian economy.

With our Italian locations in Rome, Milan and Bologna, we are an independent law firm operating both locally and abroad, thanks to our strong international vocation. Through the collaboration with leading foreign law firms, we provide assistance both to Italian companies in their internationalisation process and to foreign groups and multinationals for their operations or investments in Italy.

Thanks to our offices in Istanbul and Tirana, we also have a specific focus on the Balkan area, as well as covering key industrial sectors in Italy and abroad with the transversal skills of our focus teams.

With a team of professionals who share a talent and passion for our work, we are constantly at our clients’ side, offering full-service legal assistance ranging from day-to-day advice to support in extraordinary transactions.

Our values


for tailored solutions


to achieve our clients’ goals


to the continuous pursuit of excellence

Passion is our motivation, the engine that drives us not to lose sight of our goal to continue improving, case after case, never settling for the bare minimum, but always striving for excellence. Because there is no such thing as too much, if what we love coincides with what we do.

Creativity for us means being able to combine technical expertise, perseverance and inventiveness. It is the starting point, when solving a problem, to finding the right answer to the individual client’s need. Because each case has its own story, and we are fully aware of that.

Dedication is the spirit that allows us to constantly invest effort and attention in understanding the nature and needs of the client across the board, along with the conditions and context into which our contribution fits. We are sure of our competence, but we know that achieving excellence is impossible without the commitment and spirit of dedication typical of humility.


We have always operated at international level to support national companies and start-ups in their growth and expansion process, and foreign groups when entering, operating and developing their presence in Italy. For cross-border transactions we combine our expertise with that of leading local law firms, selected for each practice area. We provide assistance in all European jurisdictions and focus specifically on the economic areas of Asia, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and French-speaking countries.

Our Roots

The law firm Nunziante Magrone, was founded in 2002 following the merger of the law firms Magrone & Associati and Nunziante, established respectively in 1980 and 1998.

We have been assisting companies for twenty years and have gained recognition both nationally and internationally for our expertise in the areas of law, our client-centric approach and our knowledge of the specificities of the different economic sectors.

Today, we are well-established in the field of legal advice, with a team of highly specialised and qualified professionals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nunziante Magrone supports and manages social responsibility projects. Our activities are inspired by ethics, deontology and personal values, with a single objective: the common good.
As a firm, over the years we have participated in many specific projects. Our professionals engaged in pro bono activities and are encouraged to be engaged in initiatives with a positive and ethical social, cultural and environmental impact.
Our constant focus is on creating a virtuous working environment, listening to the needs of the surrounding community and staying abreast of critical current issues with a view to playing an active part of sustainable change.

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