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On 30 March 2022, the European Commission presented, within the framework of the European Green Deal, a proposal for a regulation establishing the framework for the development of eco-design requirements for sustainable products.
The main objectives are: (i) to reduce the negative environmental impact of products during their life cycle and (ii) to improve the functioning of the internal market. Indeed, this proposal for a regulation contributes to pursue the objectives of the industrial policy of the European Union, in order to stimulate the supply and demand of sustainable goods, to achieve sustainable production and to guarantee a level playing field for products sold on the internal market.
in this regard, particular attention was paid to products whose circulation is essential for ensuring the functioning of the internal market. In particular, initiatives for specific sectors have been prepared focused on textile and construction products, those products that have the strongest impact on the environment and on the climate. In addition, it was also an initiative aimed to empower consumers in the green transition improving protection against unfair practices and information.

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